QueenK8 is the “nom de voix” of Kate Follis. I’m a literary professional who specializes in audiobook narration.  I have an outstanding natural talent for conveying the writer’s intended cadence and tone and can help bring your story to life. I’m an articulate narrator with a neutral American accent and make sure that the author’s voice and the individual character’s personalities are at the forefront of the recording.

Audiobook narration is my passion – it’s that one thing that I both enjoy immensely and do very well. Reading to my younger siblings and later on to my own children was always my favorite pastime. Retirement dreams included assuming the role of story-lady at the local library. Alas, that doesn’t pay so well. I gained confidence in my voice while working as a technical trainer, learning to keep my audience interested and engaged. I honed my reading skills through countless hours of volunteer recording for Librivox.org, helping to preserve works in the public domain. These older works can often test your tongue twister prowess, with gems like “isthmus of Tehuantepec”. And now, I’ve made the investments in my home studio setup that allow me to create high quality recordings that easily meet ACX standards.

To download and listen to my published work, visit my catalog.

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I’d be pleased to consider the opportunity to turn your written words into a marketplace-ready audio experience. Check out my services to learn how to work with me.

Other services: As a writing professional, I have amassed a scary number of years of experience. In my first real job I was a proofreader, and most recently I managed a technical writing team for a product used by more than 5 million people a month. Don’t let simple mistakes distract your readers from immersing themselves in your story. Work with me as an editor before you click publish. You choose the level of touch. Interested? Go to services to learn more.